Though chipmunks are small, they can be destructive nuisances. Chipmunks can cause structural or foundational damage from their burrows, and they dig holes in lawns and gardens while seeking plant roots. If you have a chipmunk infestation, you might also notice uprooted bulbs and piles of seed beneath bird feeders.
Chipmunks might even establish nests within homes or buildings on your property, from which they’ll breed further.

Johnson Pest Control offers professional and guaranteed chipmunk eradication services in the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek area. Our price is guaranteed by our Price-Beating Policy (click for details)—we’ll beat competitors’ written estimates by 10%.
Within 4-6 treatments, we’ll reduce your chipmunk pest population to zero.

Chipmunks are most active in the fall, so now is the perfect time to remove these pests. If you have a chipmunk issue, contact Johnson Pest Control now to schedule your free phone or email consultation! On-site inspections carry a $150 charge, but phone and email is always free.